Paul May


15 December 2011

Forever was a conceptual art project produced with Lily Szajnberg. A single participant wearing ear protection enters a dark vessel. The walls of the vessel inflate, enveloping the participant in a tight embrace. After a number of minutes, the walls deflate, the participant exits and the experience begins again.

Meant as an exploration of the Spectacle, Forever offered an experience that was deeply simple while being overwhelming. It is most deeply experienced by the participant, but watched by a crowed. After leaving the vessel, the participant can never truly communicate a tactile experience to members of the crowd, and so members of the crowd are encouraged to become participants.

This project was presented at the ITP Winter Show in 2011 and over 150 people participated.

Project Images

The participant is ready
The experience begins
Lily Szajnberg
Paul May

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  • Paul May is a researcher, interaction designer, and technologist from Dublin, Ireland. He is currently working with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center on smart health applications.